Children's clinics – MORNING GROUP LESSONS - Montana

Each children class is limited to 5 children at all times throughout the season. We carefully allocate children to groups based on age and ability level, to ensure groups in which they feel comfortable and best able to learn. Because of the demand for the type of small group learning which we offer, advance booking is strongly recommended. This enables us to manage the groups and times which will best suit you and your children.

We have two easy-access meeting points: the one at the base of the blue bubble lifts of Crans remove the need for parents or carers to acompany their children up the mountain - meeting point is outside the SMS office on the Southern edge of the car park. The second meeting point is the one situated at the middle station of the Signal area (Arnouva) along the Grand-Signal - Cry d'Err line of Montana. This first lift is free which allow you to acompany your children to that meeting point.

 • Tom Pouce  3 - 6 years old
 • Junior Ski 6 - 12 years old
 • Junior Snowboard 6 - 12 years old
 • Teens'Ski 12 - 15 years old
 • Teens'Snowboard 12 - 15 years old
Morning :
CHF 75.-/morning
from 5 consecutive mornings
CHF 70.-/matinée
09:30 - 11:40


MONTANA : départ et retour de classes

KCW à 09h45 - Signal Intermédiaire (Arnouva)


CRANS : départ et retour de classes

SMS Crans Office à 09h45 - au parking du départ des installations de Crans-Cry d’Err